The Colorado Sports Video Difference

Today anyone can use a digital camera to record games. Some people utilize tripods or even ladders to get better shots. Others buy software to edit their videos. The question that many of these people have is: Why should we retain Colorado Sports Video (“CSV”) to do our games when we have been managing to do it this way so far?

Here is why:


CSV uses only professional grade video cameras. CSV’s cameras capture video at an effective pixel count of 2.91 megapixels. With a bit rate of 28 Mbps and a resolution of 1920×1080, CSV’s videos are of Blu-ray quality. Additionally, CSV’s cameras have a wider lens.

This wide-angle shooting capability is the best for recording games or any fast paced activity. It allows you to clearly identify all players on the field while still maintaining a coach’s view. The cameras’ image processor achieves an improved image stabilization, which means that regardless of weather conditions your video will always be smooth. In other words, be prepared to be blown away watching these videos on a large flat screen TV.


Some teams are fortunate to play most of their games in stadiums, however most teams don’t have this advantage. Regardless of where your team plays, CSV will always provide you with the great vantage point of a 25 foot tripod. Since CSV places its tripods next to the fields, it offers a vantage point similar to media boxes installed at least 50 feet above ground.

Furthermore CSV’s videographers follow the play through an 8 inch HD monitor. This is a significant advantage over the 3 inch screens that most cameras come with. Try to follow up a lacrosse ball in a 3 inch screen and you will understand this huge advantage. Finally, not all tripods are created equal. CSV tested six telescopic tripods in the industry, selected the best and then modified it to meet CSV’s requirements.


Having very expensive equipment doesn’t guarantee great quality for your videos. You also need years of experience recording and editing. CSV has a staff of videographers and editors that have, on average, 15 years of professional experience. They have worked at companies such as Univision, Telemundo, EW Scripps, Gannett and others. CSV also has seasoned coaches on its staff who know how to shoot videos with a coach’s eye, catching all the important plays at the best angle.


CSV has the most advanced editing software and computers, however, what sets CSV apart is its goal to create the best Player Profile Videos in the industry. CSV has worked with several college and club coaches to create a product that provides you with an edge on the competition. College recruiting is extremely competitive and every small detail counts. You have invested so much for so long, it’s time to finish with a bang and give your player the best profile video that he or she can get. For additional information in this important topic, please visit the Player Profile Videos Page.


Considering the quality of the equipment, the staff’s experience and the company’s commitment to customer service, you would expect to pay a premium for CSV’s services. It will surprise you to read that CSV offers a very competitive price in the market for professional grade videos. In fact, your team can acquire CSV’s videos for as little as $8 per player, depending on the number of participating players on your team. For a small fraction of your club fees, your child and team can now start using one of the most powerful learning tools in sports: video! Coaches get an excellent tool for player development while families get a great memento of their child’s accomplishments. If CSV is streaming your game, viewers don’t have to pay extra to watch it. No hidden charges; just one low flat fee.

Customer Service

CSV prides itself in having second-to-none customer service. CSV seeks to develop long-term relationships with you and your team. If you need a video that same night because you have another game the following day, CSV will do that. If you need a recording from the end zone or of a specific player, CSV will do that as well. CSV is happy to work with booster clubs and coaches to find creative ways to raise the money needed to have video as a training and development tool.

Now that you know all the advantages of working with CSV, do you still want to continue recording and editing your own videos? Give your child or team a competitive advantage and team up with the best.