Terms And Conditions

Delivery. All Game Videos are delivered electronically through a link sent by email. Clients have 30 days to download the files. Clients who miss the download window may request an additional 30 day window for $10. Individual team members who don’t want to download the game have the option of receiving a single DVD mailed to them for an extra $10.

Dropbox. Clients with a Dropbox Pro account can request the delivery of the Game Videos to their Pro accounts instead.

DVDs. For an additional $40 fee per game, Colorado Sports Video can mail up to 18 DVDs to a designated address. For smaller teams (i.e. Volleyball) for a $30 fee CSV can mail up to 12 DVDs to a designated address.

Blu-Ray Discs. For an additional $80 fee per game, Colorado Sports Video can mail up to 18 Blu-Ray Discs to a designated address. It is extremely important that you request this option at the moment that you make the reservation because the cameras need to be programmed to record the event at this quality.

Archives. Colorado Sports Video saves Game Video files for 1 year. As a rule of thumb the more videos that a player the better the Player Profile is going to be.

Recording Format. CSV records in XHD (Extra High-Definition) or HD (High Definition). Both have amazing quality.

XHD is the better option for people wanting to watch the game on a large screen TV. Since each file may range from 3GB to 4.5GB the buyer needs to have a fast enough internet service to download the files. Depending on your bandwidth, the download time for each file may be from 15 minutes to over one hour. Another factor to keep in mind, is that you would need to subscribe to a paying Dropbox account (up to $10 per month) since the limit for the free account is only 2GB. This format is the one used to create Blu-Ray Discs.

HD still offers you a great viewing experience, especially if you’ll watch the game on a monitor up to 40”. The benefit of choosing this definition is that the files are a third the size of XHD files. This means that the download time will be significantly faster. This format is a great option for DVDs.

Reservations. Full payment is required to reserve a recording.

Referrals. Every time that another customer purchases a Game Video and puts you down as a referral, you (your team) receives a $10 credit towards your next video recording.

Payment. Colorado Sports Video accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and checks. Credit card payment can be made online or by phone. Please mail checks to: Colorado Sports Video, 3091 S Jamaica Ct. Ste 230, Aurora, CO 80014. Please make checks payable to Colorado Sports Video. In the event of a bounced check, the coach or team manager is charged an additional $30 fee to cover bank charges.

Cancellations (not related to weather). Recordings cancelled at least 7 business days prior to the date of the game or event are reimbursed the full deposit less a $15 processing fee. Recordings cancelled 6 to 2 days prior to the date of the game or event are reimbursed the full amount less $100. Recordings cancelled the day of the recording do not receive any money back.

Weather. Games are taped almost under any condition. The only exceptions are snow storms, heavy rain or thunder storms. Games that are cancelled due to weather will be:

fully reimbursed if the game is cancelled at least one hour prior to the scheduled start;
fully reimbursed minus a $50 fee if the game is cancelled within one hour of the starting time; and,
not reimbursable once the game starts and at some point the game is called off by the referee or the production crew deems it too dangerous to continue recording. In this case, CSV will give you the video that was recorded prior to the time that it was suspended.

License. CSV is the lawful owner of all video recorded and reserves all its rights. All licenses issued by CSV are team licenses. Duplication of the video material is only allowed for team members. The price of the team license includes the duplication for up to 18 copies (outdoor teams) or 12 copies (indoor teams). Duplication or reselling of video material to anyone outside of the team is not allowed.