The Premier Player Highlights Video is for parents who want to have a nationally licensed coach identify the player’s skills and select the plays to be used in their video. This video is also for parents who do not have the many hours needed to identify these plays.

This video is between 4 to 7 minutes long. Plays are grouped by skill. 2 to 4 skills are typically highlighted. The video starts with a brief player interview. The video may include an interview of the coach talking about the player’s strengths that can’t be seen on video. It also includes the player’s academic and athletic achievements; and, their contact information. The video is delivered electronically and can be uploaded into any recruiting website. The video is also hosted on CSV’s professional Vimeo channel. The distribution of the video to coaches using CSV’s Vimeo channel is very easy.

The process to create a Premier Player Highlights Video is as follows:

CSV creates a list of all the games that will be used to select the plays from.

The number of games to select the plays is from 3 to 5.
Typically, CSV doesn’t work with footage not shot by CSV.
Parents with third party footage must submit it to CSV for review.

CSV coordinates with the parent a time to interview the player.

CSV provides a form with information about the player interview.

Parent provides CSV with the coach’s contact information.

CSV contacts coach to discuss the player’s strengths
CSV schedules an interview of the coach.

Parent fills-out a form with all academic, athletic and contact information.

Form is provided by CSV.

Parent provides CSV with an action shot and/or headshot of the player.
Parent may request a specific song to be played in the video (optional).
Once CSV has all the forms and pictures, the profile video is created in approximately 3 weeks.
Parent can update information in the video one time free of charge.

The cost for the Premier Player Highlights Video is $750. When 2 to 5 players from the same team request this option the price per player drops to $700.

If you would like to request a Premier Player Highlights Video click on the link below.

Player Profile