What is a Player Profile Video?

A Player Profile Video is a visual resume that showcases a player’s skills in a specific sport. It is an essential tool to attract a coach’s attention. Anyone who wants to play a sport in college needs a Player Profile Video.

College recruiting is extremely competitive. It is similar to job hunting. Just as the quality of a resume represents the difference between getting an interview or not; the quality of a Player Profile Video makes the difference between being noticed or not.

Different sports require different type of Player Profile Videos. In sports such as softball players need to perform a series of drills in isolation. No need to obtain footage from games. In sports such as soccer, players need to show their skills during games. As a result, players need to record a number of games to obtain the necessary footage. It is important to note that these videos are often confused with “game highlights,” which are a completely different thing.

Different positions require different skill sets. It’s important to focus only on the skills that are relevant to the specific position (For example, showing a forward throwing-in the ball may not be relevant). We focus on 2 to 3 skills. Showing repetition of the skill is key.

Player Profile Videos are typically between 3 to 9 minutes long. Longer videos are not necessarily better. The quality of the footage should dictate the length of the video and not the opposite. Generally 3 to 5 recorded games are needed to create a profile.

CSV has two types of Player Profile Videos. Both profiles include all of the player’s athletic, academic and contact information.

Traditional Profile Video. Parents select the plays that best showcase the player’s skills. The price is $300.
Premier Profile Video. A nationally licensed coach suggests the skills to showcase and selects the best plays for the video. The Price is $750. When 2 to 3 players from the same team request this option the price per player drops to $600. When 4 or more players request this profile, the price drops even further to $500 per player.

CSV uploads the Player Profile Videos to a Professional Vimeo channel. This makes it very easy to share it with college coaches. The video can also be uploaded to any recruiting website. Depending on the time of the year, CSV takes from 10 days to 4 weeks to create a video.

The Player Profile Video is the last investment in the life of the youth soccer player. You don’t want to short-change it. CSV will give you the best value for your money. Please review the testimonials section in our website and review samples of Player Profile Videos in your sport.

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