Game Video

We record an entire game without any editing. The game is delivered in 2 to 4 files, depending on the sport (Lacrosse and Football for example are played in quarters therefore you receive 4 files. Soccer and Rugby are played in halves, therefore you receive two files). CSV electronically delivers, no later than 2 days after the recording, the Game Video to the coach or team manager. CSV saves all Game Videos for 1 year. Games can be recorded on Blu-ray or DVD definition at no extra cost to the team.

At the request of the team manager, CSV can send a link to the video to all team members. For Mac users, CSV converts the video in a Mac friendly format at no extra cost. Game Video can be shot from behind the goal at the request of the team’s coach. For teams participating in a tournament and require a quick delivery of the video, CSV is able to deliver the video that same night, offering these teams a significant competitive advantage over the rest of the teams. Additional rush fees may apply.

The telescopic tripod and wide lens used by CSV provides a unique and very advantageous angle for the video sessions. Video sessions are a great bonding opportunity for players. A common practice to analyze the development of a player or a team is to record games periodically during the season. This allows players and coaches to work on specific issues. It has been proven that having periodic video sessions allow players to improve faster than those players who do not have them at all. Game Videos are also great for college coaches who would like to see unedited games of a specific player.

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