Why should we record our children’s games?

Video is one of the most powerful teaching tools in sports. This is why video is widely used in college and professional teams. Parents of college bound kids would have the additional benefit of using the same footage to create their player profiles.

We have a parent that records our games. Why do we need a professional company to record them?

Colorado Sports Video uses a 25 foot tower that will offer you a superb vantage point of the game. Additionally, Colorado Sports Video uses professional grade cameras that will give you a much better resolution than HD consumer cameras. Request a sample video to experience it firsthand.

Are all video recording companies the same?

No. We have done extensive research to aquire the best equipment to offer you top quality video. Before you retain any video recording company, ask them what type of camera that they use. If it’s not professional grade the video won’t be much better than what you can already do yourself. Ask for demos that you can download to watch the quality of the video as well.

Our varsity team typically plays at stadiums. How do you compare with professional cameras recording from media boxes?

Colorado Sports Video has several advantages over recording games from media boxes: a) setting up a 25 foot tower next to the field would be the equivalent of having media boxes over 50-75 feet high. In other words, CSV has a significantly better angle than most media boxes in Colorado b) CSV’s cameras have a wide angle lenses that allow us to zoom in while still capturing footage from the coach’s view c) Colorado Sports Video follows the game through an 8 inch HD monitor, while people using regular professional camera equipment follow using only a 3 inch monitor.

What sports or events do you record?

Colorado Sports Video can record any type of sport or event. Indoor or outdoor.

We have used video recording services for tournaments. Do you also record regular season games?

Yes. Colorado Sports Video is based in Colorado and can record any and all regular season games, even practices. In fact, a few clubs are using CSV to record regular season home games of their A teams.

What is your policy for inclement weather?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions in the Pricing page of this website.


Is the standard price for one player or for an entire team?

All of the licenses at Colorado Sports Video are team licenses. The more players in a team participate, the cheaper will be the price per player. Colorado Sports Video strongly suggests for teams to get together to minimize the cost per family.

Can a single person request the recording of a game?

Absolutely. Colorado Sports Video can also follow specific players to have the best raw video available for their player profiles.

How many copies can we make of the video?

As many as you have players on the team. Depending on the sport, CSV limits the number of copies (for example 18 for a soccer team). The videos are software coded to limit the number of copies.

Can we share our copy with the opposing team?

No. However, Colorado Sports Video can give each team a license for a preferred price which typically represents a significant discount over our already low regular price. To obtain this deeply discounted price, both teams have to pay before the start of the game.

We’re a booster club and we sell DVDs to raise money for the team. How many DVDs can we make?

Please call us to discuss. CSV is willing to help out clubs or High Schools trying to raise money for their teams.


We have family out-of-state, how can they watch the game?

Colorado Sports Video, at the request of the team making the reservation, can upload the game to Vimeo. Vimeo is a similar service to YouTube. Anyone, anywhere can watch the video.

We don’t want our opposing teams scouting our videos on Vimeo. Can we restrict their access?

Yes. Colorado Sports Video can restrict the list to only members of your team.

Is there an additional cost to post our video on Vimeo?

No. It’s part of the service. You just have to request it.

How long do games stay posted on Vimeo?

Games stay on Vimeo for at least one year.


We want coaches and parents from out-of-state to be able to watch the game live. Can you stream it?

Yes. Colorado Sports Video has the technology to stream games from any field in Colorado that enjoys a reasonable 4G coverage.

When you stream a game, can you still record it?

Yes. Colorado Sports Video can stream and record your game at the same time.

Do people who are watching the live streaming pay?

No and there is no limit as for how many people can watch it. This is a great opportunity for out-of-state teams playing in Colorado to have their friends and families watch their games.

What is the cost for live streaming?

Please refer to our pricing schedule as the price varies by sport.


Do you record in HD?

Yes. CSV uses a definition that still offers a rich viewing experience while maintaining the files at a manageable size.

How big are the files?

A 30 minute video on HD will be approximately 850MB. At a rate of 3.1MB/s both files can be downloaded in 3 minutes.

Do you provide guidance to download the files?

Yes. Upon making a reservation, Colorado Sports Video will send you a file with instructions on how to download it. You can also watch an instructional video on downloading.

Can I burn DVDs once I downloaded the files?

Yes you can, up to the number of players in your team.

Can the DVDs be played on regular DVD players?

Yes they can.

How do you deliver the files?

Colorado Sports Video sends a link to download the files via email. The recipient has 28 days to download the files. Anyone missing this window can request an additional 28 day window for a $10 fee.

What if I have a DropBox Pro account?

Let us know about this and we can send you the DropBox link to your email.

I have a Mac, do your video files work with Macs?

Yes they do. Please notify us in advance so we can record the files on a Mac compatible format.

Our team has a Sprongo account. Can you upload the file directly into our account?

Yes. You would need to register CSV with Admin capabilities and CSV would be able to upload any and all games to your team’s Sprongo account.

Our team has a Hudl account. Can you upload the file directly into our account?

Yes. You would need to register CSV as a Coach and CSV would be able to upload any and all games to your team’s Hudl account.


How long does it take you to create a profile?

Assuming that the video footage has already been taken, the approximate time is 3 weeks. This is a very time intensive process that requires 20 hours per profile.Type your paragraph here.

Can I change or update the profile in the future?

Yes. CSV has an especial rate to include additional games in the profile. This is especially useful for players who make their profiles as a freshman and get additional footage in their sophomore year.

Do you offer college recruiting services?

No. CSV’s sole focus is to create the best Player Profile for you. CSV has strong relationships with professionals that can assist you, for a fee, in the college recruiting process.

When is the best time to create the Player Profile?

It depends on the development and aspirations of your player. The earliest would be the freshman year and the latest the junior year. Regardless of when you decide to do it, the best thing that you can do in the meantime is to get as much footage as you can.

I have footage from an out-of-state tournament. Can we use it?

Yes. The only caveat is that you would need to provide the times of the plays that you would like to include in the profile. Unfortunately, most of the footage out there is not of great quality and identifying players is extremely hard and time consuming.

Do you offer team discounts for player profiles?

CSV offers a team discount if 4 or more players from the same team sign up for their Player Profiles at the same time.

What’s the minimum number of games (footage) that you need to create a profile?

CSV prefers having at least 3 games. Having said this, it really depends on the position of the player and the time that he or she spends on the field. An attacking midfielder who spends the whole time on the field and whose team generates significant scoring opportunities may need just 2 games. A defender who rotates on the field and whose team is very dominant may need 4 or more games.

My daughter plays ECNL, does she need a Player Profile?

Yes. Typically there are college coaches scouting ECNL games but they hardly watch the entire game. Your daughter may miss a game or end up not play during those 20-25 minutes that the college coach was attending the game. You don’t have control over which colleges are attending her games. With a Player Profile you are in the driver’s seat. You control the process of highlighting your player.