Colorado Sports Video is a professional video production company specializing in youth sports and events. The company was created to fulfill the significant need that coaches, parents, and players have for professional grade video recordings and editing.

Colorado Sports Video has performed extensive research and has the experience to create the best videos in the industry (no caveats). Ask for a sample video to be blown away by the Colorado Sports Video difference.

Colorado Sports Video records any sport, outdoor: soccer, lacrosse, rugby, football, field hockey, track, softball; and indoor: basketball, volleyball, ice hockey, cheer, etc. Colorado Sports Video has also recorded ballet, orchestra and choir performances as well as graduation ceremonies.

If you have an event that needs professional videography please let us know, we would be happy to assist you.

Colorado Sports Video has the equipment to stream games from almost any field in Colorado. Now anyone around the world (family members, coaches, scouts) can watch your game live! Additionally, at the clients’ request, Colorado Sports Video can post videos on the company’s professional Vimeo channel.

Colorado Sports Video employs a staff of professional videographers and editors. Our staff has in average 15 years of professional experience. Colorado Sports video also has experienced coaches in its staff who know how to record games with a coach’s eye.

For additional information of why Colorado Sports Video stands heads and shoulder above the competition please read the CSV Difference.